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Rhiannon is one of the country’s best and brightest media consultants. Rhiannon has become well known in the industry for crafting creative media strategies, grounded in insight and intelligence to help drive commercial growth. 


After having made a name for herself delivering awesome results for clients at a Top 100 PR agency, she was snapped up by one of the UK’s largest professional services organisations before going on to found Crest.


Rhiannon has a sharp mind and is always thinking about how she can get the best results for each and every client. 

Rhiannon Evans-Young


Leon is an entrepreneur who understands the powerful role media can play in driving commercial growth. He always has an eye out for the next media trend and knows how to make them work for Crest's clients. 


Commercial insight runs through Leon’s veins. He founded and sold one of the country’s first automated social media agencies whilst still at university, has consulted for start-ups across Britain, and became the youngest exec board member in the history of a top UK PR agency.

Leon has a head for business and a passion for media - that’s why he joined forces with Rhiannon to start Crest.

Leon Emirali


Meet Crest's Founders

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